Unexpected Weather Event: Witnessing Hailstorms in Royal, Arkansas, USA

Hail that fell in Royal, Arkansas. USA

Have you ever experienced an unexpected weather event that left you in awe? Recently, residents in Royal, Arkansas, USA witnessed an astonishing hailstorm that brought life to a standstill. Imagine walking outside to what looks like a winter wonderland in the middle of spring. From golf ball-sized to softball-sized hailstones falling from the sky, this was not your typical weather forecast. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at this unexpected weather event and explore the impact it had on the local community.


There is nothing like experiencing unexpected weather events that can leave you feeling alarmed and amazed at the same time. One of such weather events includes hailstorms. Hailstorms can cause massive damage to property, and in some cases, can cause injuries. In this article, we will explore an unexpected weather event that many people in Royal, Arkansas, USA witnessed – Hailstorms. We will discuss what hailstorms are, their causes, and how they affect us. Additionally, we will examine how people can stay safe during hailstorms and what to do after such an event has occurred.

What are Hailstorms?

Hailstorms are intense weather events that can cause a significant amount of damage to buildings, vehicles, and other structures. These storms are characterized by strong winds, heavy rainfall, and large hailstones. The hailstones can vary in size, ranging from small pellets to large chunks of ice. The larger hailstones can cause the most damage to property and structures.

Hailstones are formed when water droplets freeze in the upper layers of the atmosphere. These frozen droplets fall to the earth when they become too heavy to stay in the cloud. The strength of the wind within the cloud determines the size of the hailstones.

What Causes Hailstorms?

Hailstorms are usually caused by severe thunderstorms. In order for hailstones to form, there needs to be an updraft of warm air that carries the frozen droplets higher into the atmosphere. The stronger the updraft, the larger the hailstones can grow. Once the hailstone becomes too heavy for the updraft to carry, it falls towards the ground at a fast rate. Hailstorms are most common in areas with warm and humid conditions where the air is unstable.

Witnessing Hailstorms in Royal, Arkansas, USA

On May 19th, 2021, many people in Royal, Arkansas, USA witnessed a hailstorm. The hailstones were large and caused significant damage to many properties, buildings, and vehicles. Many people initially mistook the hailstones for snow, but quickly realized it was hail when the clunking sound against rooftops and window glasses grew louder.

How to Stay Safe During Hailstorms

Hailstorms can be very dangerous and can cause significant damage to property, structures, and people. It is important to take precautions to keep yourself and your loved ones safe during a hailstorm.

  • Stay indoors. Find a safe place in your home to take shelter, away from any windows or glass doors.
  • Do not go outside unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • If you are driving, try to pull over to a safe location, away from any trees or power lines.
  • Protect yourself from any falling debris by wearing a helmet or using pillows to cover your head and neck.

What to Do After a Hailstorm

After the hailstorm has passed, it is important to assess any damages that have occurred. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Check your property and vehicles for damages. If there are any damages, contact your insurance company as soon as possible.
  • Document all damages by taking pictures or videos.
  • If there is any debris or dangerous materials lying around, contact your local authorities immediately.


Hailstorms can be both dangerous and amazing to witness. Although it is a rare event, those who live in areas prone to hailstorms should take necessary precautions to keep themselves and their property safe. If you do happen to experience a hailstorm, remember to assess any damages that have occurred and contact your insurance company as soon as possible. By being prepared and taking precautions, you can minimize the risks associated with hailstorms.


  1. Can hailstones be as big as tennis balls?
    Yes, hailstones can grow to be as big as tennis balls or even bigger.

  2. Can hailstorms cause injuries?
    Yes, hailstones can cause serious injuries if they hit you or any other object.

  3. What is the best place to take shelter during a hailstorm?
    The best place to take shelter during a hailstorm is indoors, away from windows or glass doors.

  4. Can hailstorms cause damage to vehicles?
    Yes, hailstorms are known to cause significant damage to vehicles.

  5. What should I do after a hailstorm?
    After a hailstorm has occurred, assess any damages that have occurred and contact your insurance company as soon as possible.

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