THE MOST POWERFUL flood in 100 years in Italy & Croatia. Climate DISASTERS every day

THE MOST POWERFUL flood in 100 years in Italy & Croatia. Climate DISASTERS every day

THE MOST POWERFUL flood in 100 years in Italy & Croatia. Climate DISASTERS every day

Have you been in the house?
Yes, yes, one and a half meters of water, two meters. Look over here. We were in the house and we watched it arrive, it kept growing. It had incredible strength, – eyewitnesses said.
MAY 16-21, 2023
💦 ITALY: An emergency situation due to extreme rains has developed in northern Italy. Since the beginning of May 2023, some areas have received more rain in less than two weeks than expected in six months.
Floods that began on May 16 in the REGION EMILIA-ROMANIA have killed at least 14 people and displaced 15,000.

In our new report, eyewitnesses and flood affected recount these events.

We need generators because we have sick people who need electricity, which we don’t have… no water and even no gas, so we’re in a total state of emergency.

I miraculously survived because I was down here checking a wall that wouldn’t budge, and all of a sudden, as I was leaving, I went over it, everything collapsed within 10 minutes.

Some of our animals were in the pasture, which we miraculously rescued because it was daytime. If it wasn’t for that, they would have all been swept away. They were saved by a miracle.

MAY 16-21, 2023.
🆘 ITALY, EMILIA-ROMANIA REGION: A red danger level and high threat of landslides persisted in some areas for several days in a row, especially in the Apennines region. A total of more than 280 cases of soil displacement were recorded.
The damage caused by the disaster was estimated at several billion euros.
Meteorologists described the event as the worst flooding in Italy in the last 100 years.

💦 Balkan Peninsula: Heavy rains made some regions of the Balkan Peninsula a disaster area as well. BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA, as well as CROATIA, were hit hardest.
A state of emergency was declared in some places due to a sharp rise in water levels in rivers. The damage to agriculture is enormous.

All the crops I have are all under water. In previous floods, at least there was some corn left, or there was a loaf left, now everything is under water, now there is nothing.

I’ve lived here for 48 years, but there’s never been so much water. Here. All the crops are gone. Everything is gone.

🌊 CROATIA: The locals were simply bewildered by the fact that the water kept coming and coming. They had to save their houses from the onslaught of the elements on their own.
In Obrovac the level of the river reached a historic high of 302 cm, almost 40 cm above the previous record. Water flooded many houses and businesses.
In Gračac, people fled from the flooding on the upper floors or were forced to leave their houses. In the first 17 days of May the city received 500 mm of precipitation, almost 4 times the monthly norm.
⚠️ Unfortunately, people in the affected regions were left alone with their misfortune…

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