Floating Communities??? #Shorts

Floating Communities??? #Shorts

Floating cities may sound like fantasy, but some designers are actually beginning to create structures that embrace rising sea levels. Global sea level rise is expected to exceed two meters by the end of the century if no serious climate action is taken [8]. This has the potential to displace approximately 200 million people [8]. With increasing sea level rise, adaptation solutions to combat it have become essential [7] one of them being floating structures!

Floating architecture may serve as a solution due to its relatively low economic and logistical maintainability. These afloat settlements could provide safe, climate-resilient housing for flood-stricken communities. Do you think floating architecture could be the game changer in combating sea level rise? Let us know in the comments!

Learn more at https://climatescience.org/advanced-water-adaptation

Scriptwriting and reviews by Bruna Hernandes, Ghislaine Fandel & JP Arellano
Filming, animation and voice over by Bruna Hernandes

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Open source videos used
YouTube video by Verge Science
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